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YWAM Urban Key London Fees & Payments

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) and 2nd level YWAM Training Schools are faith ventures. Each member of YWAM lives a life of faith, no one receives a salary, and each one has large objectives of faith which they believe God to provide for every year. God’s provision of your fees should be considered as a seal of God’s approval – an indication of His will for you to attend the school.

The Lecture Phase fees cover the cost of tuition, board and lodging. It does not cover the cost of travel or visas needed for England.
The Outreach fees quoted cover board and lodging, and travel within your outreach location. It does not cover the cost of airfare, any vaccines needed or insurance to your outreach location.

All of our card payments are processed through WorldPay. We accept all Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other major companies. Please note that there is a processing charge and they need to be added to each transaction before filling in the amount

The extra charges per transaction are: UNDER £100 NO CHARGE, £100-250 (£5 chg), £250-500 (£10 chg), £500-750 (£15 chg), £750-1000 (£20 chg) £1000-1500 (£25 chg), £1500-2000+ (£30 chg)

(Example: you want to pay £100 you will enter below £105)


Product Description

A registration fee of £50 is required with your application. This is non-refundable and covers administration costs. DEPOSIT If your application is approved we will send you an acceptance letter by email. You will then need to send us a non-refundable deposit of £200. We require this because we begin to incur expenses before the school begins. Upon receipt of this deposit your approval will be confirmed.

“All donations for fees are not refundable, unless otherwise specified with school leaders.”


Registration Fee £50 With application
Deposit £200 After acceptance
Balance of Lecture Phase £1,900 Before/upon arrival
Outreach £1,600 Before/upon arrival
£3750 Total DTS cost
Insurance (travel and medical) Dependent on policy Due before arrival, covering the entire DTS course from your date of departure from your home country through your return dates to your home country. This includes UK nationals.


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