What is the ESSENCE Internship?

Essence Internship is all about going back to the beginning, the original design of who God created us to be. It’s a three-month program that is created to deepen and strengthen your relationship with God. This is for everyone! Whether you’ve done a DTS or not. This time focuses on building a strong foundation and exploring creativity that breaks structures and brings you closer to the father heart of God.

Some topics:

Taboos + Sexuality

True Discipleship

Mercy + Justice

Freedom + Breakthrough

Creating With The Creator


Activities + Projects


Schools dates: June / September / January

Tuition: £1,200

Registration: £50  (payable with your application form, non refundable)

Deposit: £200 (upon acceptance and deducted from tuition)

Applicants from outside of the UK need to have a visa to train with us. You will need to take this into consideration and allow plenty of time to complete the application and visa process. If you are not British, we recommend you apply 3 months before the beginning of the school.

To apply for the internship, please fill the application form by clicking on the button below. Below the application form you will find a medical reference that you must also fill out. This reference will be seen by our medical officer, someone who works besides our mission and is a professional within the National Health Service (NHS).

You will also need references from:
1-A church leader
2-A mature Christian friend

Simply send the link of the page to your referees so they can click on the correspondent button and fill in the reference for you

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